Po-Nien Kung  (龔柏年)

First year Ph.D. Student at

>>   ponienkung@cs.ucla.edu

About Me

I'm a first year Ph.D. student at UCLA adviced by Prof. Nanyun(Violet) Peng. I previous work as a research assistant in National Taiwan University advised by Prof. Yun-Nung (Vivian) Chen.

My primary research interests lie in the area of natural language processing and machine learning. The core motivation of my research is to develop a general-purpose machine learning system that works across a wide range of tasks and multiple modalities equipped with large-scale knowledge. To achieve this goal, I focus on three research directions:

  • Multi-task Learning - To generalize to a wide range of tasks.
  • Multi-modal Learning - To generalize to multiple modalities.
  • Model Interpretation - To uncover the decision process belied in model.


National Taiwan University

-   Bachelor's Degree

2017 September - 2021 July

MediaTek Research UK

-   Deep Learning Researcher


2021 October - 2022 January

National Taiwan University

-   Research Assistant


2021 July - 2021 December


-   Research Intern


2021 March - 2021 July


-   Part-Time Software Developer


2018 July - 2020 January

Freelance Web Developer

-   Poseidon Network website [ Link ]

-   Binance 2020 Blockchain Week In Vietnam website

-   Binance 2020 Blockchain Virtual Conference website [ Link ]

-   Taipei National University of the Arts freshman admission website [ Link ]

2019 October - 2020 July